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A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan, who.has survived through the Marion Campbell, Rich Kotite, Nick Leyva, Pat Corrales, Doug Moe, and Bryan Colangelo errors/eras. However, the 2008 Phillies and 2017 Eagles brought me something I started to think I’d never see as an adult. They are the pinnacle days of my life behind the birth of my son.

I believe that sports is one of the few things in our lives that bring people together in a good way. Playing sports brings camaraderie with others, particularly when those of different ethnicities are on the same team and you may not have had the chance to know if not for being teammates. For those who don’t play, and are fans, there is something to cheer for, look forward to as a distraction to the stresses of real life and give us a great topic to debate with others.


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